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  • Help & Support
    • Provides a comprehensive list of services available to registered and unregistered users, Frequently Asked Questions and technical considerations to take into account while accessing the website.
  • Direct Access
    • Use the following link, https://csonline.eskom.co.za, to access the CS Online Website directly. To automatically save this link as a bookmark in your browser click here.

  • Registered Users
    • To have access to our services please select the Registration or Login links above. To view a list of all the services available on this site please select the Help & Support link.
  • Unregistered Users
  • Please click here to go to the main Eskom Website

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Please note that Eskom conducts monthly telephonic, on-line and automated surveys to assess the quality of our customer service. You may be contacted by one of the following companies: Brand Baro-Matrix or Dashboard. Your participation will be highly appreciated, since results are used in developing strategies for service improvement and for performance management purposes.